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  • Perfect for gaming

    The spring-action system inside ACROC allows it to dock with almost every type of smartphone available on the market, from the iPhone 3GS to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • Safe and reliable

    Both docking to and releasing from the smartphone are quick and easy. You can use it with or without the housing, just as you prefer. And it’s completely safe! ACROC – it’s grip never slackens!

I won’t be able to ship any orders until the 6th of January. Alternatively you can order ACROC directly on AMAZON (ACROC and ACROC with OTG).

Play like a pro

This is not just a smooth-sounding slogan: it’s a thought-through concept! Gaming on your smartphone can be pretty dramatic, but no matter how precise they are,  accelerometers and touchscreens are no substitute for the feel you get from a joypad! Understanding this necessity, ACROC is born! To meet the needs of those who would like to get the most from their games, from the many games you carry around with you in your hip pocket or in your shoulder bag, all day long! “Give me a Pad and I will move the world”. (Maybe the original expression didn’t go exactly like that ;) But this idea could really give a boost to mobile gaming, turning it into a completely new challenge for developers and for gamers! There are already some truly PRO titles, just think of Real Racing 3 with its mind-blowing graphics; all can acquire ‘infinite’ playablilty if you use the ACROC system! You’ll feel like you’ve got a console in your hand that is in every respect identical to the one at home!


Payments and delivery

Hi! You can safely pay for your Acroc by credit card or paypal.  We offer a recorded delivery with SDA courier.  We will send your tracking number by email and you would be able to track your ACROC from the moment we send it out until it will arrive at your home. Enjoy your ACROC  Thank you!